Florence & Ruby

Our donkeys, Florence and Ruby, are from the wild herd in the New Forest. Florence was born in November 2007 and Ruby was born in June 2008. Since they came to live on Sark in August 2019 they have become a much-loved part of island life taking part in a variety of events including Easter, Christmas and charity activities.

They live mainly in the paddock at the Seigneurie Gardens but spend periods away grazing other parts of the island while we rest the ground.

Florence and Ruby's favourite occuaption is eating and they love to nibble on a variety of native plants and shrubs but please do not feed them as some foods, particularly some human foods, can be very dangerous for donkeys. They may say their are hungry but they do sometimes tell lies!

Walking with Donkeys

Guided walks & picnics with Florence & Ruby

Walks begin at the donkey paddock at the Seigneurie Gardens from where we head out, at a leisurely pace, to the west coast. Aimed at families, the walk takes between an hour and half to two hours, depending on how far you would like to walk, and includes a stop for Florence and Ruby to have a bite to eat. Maximum numbers are up to four with at least one adult. The cost is £45 per group. Walks are weather dependant as donkeys don’t like the rain! (Sorry, the donkeys can't be ridden.)

If you would like a longer walk we can put panniers on one or both donkeys so that Florence and Ruby can carry your picnic. Bring your own food or contact Hathaway's to order a picnic. Cost £60 per group, not including food.


Donkeys aren't just for children. Adult couples and individuals are most welcome.


For more information or to book email Sue Daly suedalysark@icloud.com

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